Where It Started

As a 4th grade teacher in Long Beach, CA, I was an inspired and hard-working educator with a one-computer classroom.  After several years of teaching, and wondering why teachers weren't "heard" so they could be more effective in their jobs, I returned to graduate school to begin my work on teacher empowerment and student engagement through innovation and technology. This has been my passion for over 25 years.    



Executive Director

Jacobs Institute for innovation in Education

Sept 2018 - Present

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Leading a team of professionals engaging in the R&D of educational innovation in partnership with educational organizations and companies. Founded EDInnovateLive conference and Pactful, a social good innovation app for teens. First patent application in USD history.

Director & 
Clinical Assoc. Professor,

M.A. in Educational Innovation, Technology & Entrepreneurship​

June 2017 - Dec 2018

Director of the new MEITE program in the UNC School of Education. We achieved $1.2M in new revenue impact in Y2, relaunched the Carolina Center for Educational Excellence as a learning innovation design center, founded ImagineLab teen innovation camps, and created career pathways for learning innovation designers, leaders and edupreneurs. Enrollment growth of 800%. Hosted Innovations in Games-Based Learning webinar series.

CEO & Founder

May 2012 - May 2017​


vision & execution

leader & connector

ed innovator & technologist
online teacher educator



design-based researcher

games-based learning
virtual world design
conference designer & host



2 trademarks

2 software copyrights

2 patent applications

3 books

3 companies founded

4 book chapters

30 courses authored
 grants & contracts

40 keynotes & talks

32 publications

47 presentations

$13M+ revenue generation



Creator of the Rezzly® brand of gamified learning technologies, training, and digital content. GoGo Labs served educators and students in more than 25 countries with the first quest-based learning platform that supported personalized learning.

Professor & Chair
Dept. of EdTech


I began my career at Boise State as an adjunct, then Visiting Associate professor, and was eventually promoted to professor and tenured.  I served six years as a department chair and a director.  During this time, enrollments increased over 1,000%, and program self-support revenues were just over $2M per year.

Associate Professor
Dept. of C&I


Serving as the inagural coordinator of the EdTech program, we offered the college's first blended courses in 2000.  My co-authored text, Integrating Computer Technology into the Classroom, was the first textbook to include chapters on use of the internet by classroom teachers.

Assistant/Associate Professor
Dept. of ICL


Developed the first blended and lab-based courses in the College of Education.  Elementary Education program coordinator serving over 3,000 students.  Promoted and tenured in 1998.


Ph.D. & M.A. Education: EdPsych - Teaching & Learning

​University of California, Santa Barbara

B.A. Liberal Studies: Psych Concentration
Multiple Subjects Teaching Credential

California State University, Long Beach

Certificate, Institute of Advanced Advertising Studies
University of Southern California

Invited Summer Scholar
Center for Advanced Study in the Behavioral Sciences
Stanford University