Social Good Innovation App for Teens

Funded through the generosity of Dr. Irwin and Mrs. Joan Jacobs, Pactful was built to create access to innovation culture, skills and tools with teens and young adults. Aligned to the UN Global Goals and using design thinking, we believe teens and their teachers can build a better world.

Learning Innovation
Design Center
Carolina Center for Educational Excellence

One year planning and implementation process with UNC School of Education and Chapel Hill-Carrboro City Schools reimagining the CCEE as a K-12 learning innovation design partnership exploring emerging technologies, innovative pedagogy and curriculum, space design, and personalized learning.

DreamBuilders & GameChangers Teen Innovation Camps
ImagineLab, UNC School of Education

Imagine a place where teens come in with dreams and come out empowered by new possibilities. At ImagineLab innovation camps, teens have the chance to build skills, connections, and confidence in their own abilities to become designers, makers and innovators. Explore art and design, game design, engineering, coding, making, robotics, video and sound production, virtual reality and more.

(3D GameLab)
GoGo Labs

Co-developed a proprietary quest-based learning management system that uses game mechanics such as quests, badges, experience points, awards and more to increase student engagement and motivation.  Over 100,000 users in 25 countries. Embedded teacher professional development.

GoGo Labs

We started offering online teacher camps in 2011. We've trained over 2,000 teachers in gamified learning and technology integration in over 25 different teacher camps. Hosted QuestBoise Annual Unconference from 2012-2015.

​Online Teacher Camps




Science Career Pathway Badges for High School Students, NOAA

We partnered with NOAA and Mozilla to develop over 20 career pathway digital badges, 167 quests integrating NOAA content, and a supporting teacher training, aligned to NGSS and ISTE standards.


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