Lisa has remarkable vision and excels in leadership and organizational skills. She is tireless in her efforts - whatever they may be - including the phenomenal success of our Edtech program, the fair and equitable treatment of employees, and the success of local, national and international outreach projects.

Dr. Kerry Rice

Professor & Fulbright Scholar, Boise State University

Lisa is one of the outstanding women role models in leading edge use of technology in educator training. She has made enormous contributions to the field through scholarship, leadership and her openness to partnering and developing new relationships. She is a great keynote speaker, organizational strategist, teacher and mentor to a wide range of educators.

Dr. David Gibson

Director of Learning Futures, Curtin University

Lisa has developed the most innovative educational technology program in the country, and we’re modeling our learning technologies program at UNT after her work.

Dr. Gerald Knezek

Regeants Professor, University of North Texas

Dr. Dawley’s research activities are balanced among [Boyer's] four types of scholarship, a rare and desirable situation. She has creative, theory-based ideas about various aspects of enhancing learning, centering on emerging educational technologies. Lisa is applying her insights by conducting design-based research in authentic settings. Further, she is disseminating her scholarship beyond a narrow community of research peers through active outreach to scholars across a range of fields, relating her findings to larger issues and challenges they face...As our society increasingly uses interactive digital media, both at work and in play, understanding the strengths and limits of these media is vital. Thus, her work is very important for the evolution and transformation of education.

Dr. Chris Dede

Timothy E. Wirth Professor in Learning Technologies, Harvard University

First, it would be easy to say that she is internationally recognized. However, that would not do Dr. Dawley justice. It is more appropriate to say that she is connected to a deep network of colleagues related to everything that is educational technology. Those that do not know her personally have read her work; those that do know her personally have sought her out and chosen to work with her because of her educational expertise, her core research agenda, and her vision…I could not offer a higher recommendation than the one I offer for Dr. Dawley.

Dr. Rick Ferdig

Summit Professor of Learning Technologies, Kent State University

We live in a rapidly evolving world. Competition accelerates the pace of everything around us. Technology creates dizzying possibilities for change. Even our tradition-rich, centuries-old system of higher education now finds itself in a tumult. During such times, universities are fortunate if they have bold, pioneering spirits who relish the opportunity for innovation and push their institutions to new frontiers. Boise State University has such a faculty member, Dr. Lisa Dawley, an institutional change agent as well as a department chair who has garnered international acclaim for the Educational Technology Department.

Mark Wheeler

Dean of Extended Education, Boise State University

Dr. Dawley has provided exceptional leadership in professional activities to the national and global community in her direct role in expanding educational opportunities for students through innovative programs in online learning.

Susan Patrick

President & CEO, International Assoc. for K-12 Online Learning, Former US Director of Educational Technology

Dr. Dawley is a natural visionary and pioneer in her field. She brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise about innovative methods for learning and comprehension. Dr. Dawley is an inspiring individual and her transformational leadership is revolutionizing the approach to education.

Kevin Mark

Chief Technology Officer, College of Southern Idaho

Lisa Dawley knows more about online learning in the K through 12 space than most anyone in the field. Her ability to see the big picture and to explain it to the masses is clearly evident. Her work with existing and emerging online programs    and staff has most certainly added to the growth of online education as a whole. Her books and publications in the filed of online education and instructional design has contributed substantially to the knowledge base of this relatively young field. Dr. Dawley's experience in training educators in effective online teaching techniques is exceptional and provides palpable results for her clients. 

Robert Lechter

Sr. Director of Instructional Innovations, K12, Inc.

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